Brand Manifesto

Our commitment with the development of our customers comes from the conviction that growing is to find value in each step of the agro productive chain. That is why we accompany each member in the process, intervening in key moments, articulating productive, commercial, and human skills. We combine the best of and international producing company with knowledge, dynamism, and the commitment of our local management ensuring quality in service and performance in each of the results.

We understand everything about growing because we are a company that works for and about the growth of our customers.

Hajat.ID, all about growing.

Who is Hajat.ID

Hajat.ID is a global leading trading house, was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2021 by a group of entrepreneurs, and now it is one of the world's top trading companies for fertilizers, logistics and warehousing.


To be a Global Logistic Market Company

Our focus is on the global logistic market and our commitment is to be world class leader in this segment


All about Growing

We take improving agricultural productivity as our duty. With efficient and sustainable solutions, we carefully protect crops while caring for the environment. We strive to increase crop harvest yields, and work together with our employees, partners and farmers from all over the world, aiming mutual growth where everyone wins.

We know and understand the main needs of our customers. We focus on thinking and designing specific solutions for each of their needs, thus maximizing the value generated for them.

Providing a rapid response to the needs of our customers and market changes are part of our work philosophy. This agility allows us to grow steadily with our customers even in the ever-challenging international markets.

Working with effort and seeking to learn continuously are part of our cultural heritage, in which we leverage to face challenges, to keep going forward with confidence, and to build relationships of trust and respect with our customers.

Having an open and inclusive mind to different cultures and ideas, are our major source of innovation and steady growth.

Teamwork helps us to enhance cross-cultural cooperation, to break down walls between departments, and to improve operational efficiency. Our achievements rely on the cooperative spirit and joint efforts of all our employees.

The continuous growth of Hajat.ID is based on the joint efforts of all our employees and strong support from our global partners. Because of this, we are very grateful and anxious to share our achievements with them.

As a basic producer and complete solution provider for all kinds of crop protection products, we develop and manufacture in a responsible way, ensuring that our products and production processes comply with the strictest quality standards.
  • Meeting FAO standards, and also trying the best to meet customer's special quality requirements.
  • Providing customers with safer, more eco-friendly and easier-to-use products.
  • Providing customers with long-term, stable and sustainable products and services.
We believe that a harmonious, caring and stable community is very important to a company and can create a strong base for our activities.
We actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and donate for poverty alleviation, education, culture and charity in various forms every year.
We care about local farmers' harvest, and freely provide suitable products and professional service to nearby farmers who are in financial difficulties
We always commit to be an eco-friendly enterprise. We combine the power of science and technology with the “human element” to develop innovative agrochemical products for a more sustainable world.
  • Focus on development of greener and more sustainable products.
  • Minimize our own environmental impact while delivering products, which helps our customers and the rest of society to do the same.
  • Conduct our business activities without adverse impact on our neighbors or the community and continually improve our products and processes.
  • Contribute to community success in sustainable ways.
Our employees
We regard human resources as the most valuable and reliable asset of the company.
We respect and safeguard the interests of employees and establish a sound and competitive remuneration system.
We care about the employees' occupational development, place a heavy emphasis on staff training and staff incentives.
We care for safety and health of all employees, configure production area with improved safety and health facilities and organize free medical examinations for all staff annually